Rally Dog Hoodie

Rally Dog Hoodie

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The Rally Dog Hoodie


Saving your rounds one back 9 at a time! The Rally Dog is filled with nutrients and vitamins needed to get your round back on track. That 49 on the front has nothing on your back 9 once you have a Rally Dog or two. Call them what you’d like: grease missile, grease rocket, tube steak, throat sliders, meat torpedoes, dirt dogs, glizzy–just be sure to grab one at the turn and your score will go down!

The Shirt + Fit

Our Rally Dog Hoodie is SOFT 60% Cotton / 40% Poly mid-weight fleece. The fit is on the slim/small side, so when in doubt, size up. I'm personally 6' 2" and skinny, I can fit into a lot of smalls, but in his shirt I'm a medium.