Different Types of Golf Head Covers: Cayce Golf’s Head Covers Explained

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Looking for a way to add some personality and style to your golf bag while protecting your clubs at the same time? We have the answer for you, golf head covers! The only question is, where do you start? Cayce offers 5 different head cover styles for different clubs in the bag. Which is best for you?

If you’re having trouble choosing, don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about all of our head covers. From Driver Head Covers, Fairway wood headcovers, hybrid headcovers, blade putter covers, and mallet putter covers, we’ll tell you what you need to know about each.

The 5 Types of Golf Head Covers

golf bag with golf head covers from cayce golf
  • Driver Head Covers
  • Fairway Wood Head Covers (3, 5, 7, and 9 wood covers)
  • Hybrid Headcovers
  • Blade Putter Covers
  • Mallet Putter Covers

Driver Head Covers

driver head cover being pulled off a driver

The big dog! Our top selling driver head covers are customers first choice when it comes to starting their head cover collection. Why? It covers the biggest, usually most expensive club in the bag. It’s also the club that hits the ball the furthest, has the loudest sound, and impresses everyone in your foursome when you hit it well. Another reason for this style being our number one seller is because every golfer has a driver. All of our other covers are for clubs that a golfer may or may not have. 

Looking for more? You can pair a driver cover with a fairway wood headcover. We’ll dig into those next.


Golf Club Covers for Fairway Woods

magnorlia peach fairway wood head cover laying next to a fairway wood

Fairway wood club covers are our second most popular style of club cover. Made for a golfers 3 wood, 5 wood, 7 wood, or 9 wood, our wood covers feature the same traditional barrel shape as our best selling driver covers but in a smaller footprint. Almost all golfers will carry at least one fairway wood, typically, that’s a 3 or 5 wood. These have smaller heads as well as smaller price tags compared to drivers but golfers still want to protect them as they will come with shiny carbon fiber or titanium bodies. 

Looking for a club cover for your fairway wood but don’t want a barrel shape? Check out our hybrid covers below. 


Hybrid Headcovers

golfer removing a hybrid headcover from their hybrid golf club

Next on our list is the hybrid headcover! As it’s name suggest this club is a hybrid that fits inbetween a golfer’s fairway woods and irons. It’s a new-ish style of club that is quickly becoming popular due to its easy-to-hit properties. Our hybrid covers feature a traditional 2-piece design (front and back) with an elastic grip integrated into the back of the covers outer shell. Now before you go gifting a hybrid head cover to someone you care for make sure you check to see if they even use one. 

A little secret we have at Cayce is that our hybrid covers will fit on most fairway woods. Typically we’ll say the 5, 7, and 9 to be safe as those have smaller heads that are similar in size to a hybrid. It’s a nice alternative to our popular barrel shape and if you already have a driver and fairway wood cover in the bag you might be barrel-ed out. 


Mallet Putter Covers 

golfer putting on the practice green next to a mallet putter cover

We can’t forget putter covers! Mallet putter covers are for a new, modern style of putter and like it’s name suggets, it’s a bit larger than a normal blade style putter. Like drivers, all golfers carry a putter. The mallet style putter has a large head: it can be round, or sqaure. The reason for the larger head is to spread the weight over a larger surface area and then it becomes easier to hit with a larger “swet spot”. Cayce Golf developed a larger, square one-size-fits-all mallet putter cover which accommodates almost all mallet putters on the market. We also added extra magnets to our closure to ensure it will stay snug on all shapes and sizes. The only type of mallet putter our cover does not support is a niche center-shafted style. 

Blade Putter Covers

flamingo blade putter cover laying on the golf green

As we mentioned above, there are multiple styles of putters which can be broken into two main categories: Mallet, and blade. Our blade putter covers fit the more traditional blade shape which is often referred to as Answer or Newport style. Blade putter have a smaller, thinner head that slides into the cover (which resembles an upside down shoe) and is then locked into place by a magnetic closure. Our putter covers fit all shaft styles: heel and center.

Final Thoughts: Golf Head Cover Types

Now, it’s time to decide which head cover types are right for you. You can go with one, or grab them all. No matter which way you’re leaning - you can shop with confidence knowing you can find your perfect headcover from Cayce. Whether it’s our hilarious top selling Dumpster Fire Collection or our luxurious, full grain leather Transfusion collection we have you covered. Here’s a quick, final recap on our head cover types. 

  • Driver Head Covers - Our top seller, for the “big dog”, the biggest, most expensive club in the bag. Looking to make a statement? Grab a driver cover!
  • Fairway Wood Head Covers (3, 5, 7, and 9 wood covers) - Smaller version in the same great barrel style as the driver. Most golfers have at least one fairway wood in the bag. 
  • Hybrid Headcovers - Traditional design, fits all hybrids and some smaller fairway woods. Pairs well with the barrel style driver cover. 
  • Blade Putter Covers - The traditional Answer / Newport style putter cover with magnetic closure. 
  • Mallet Putter Covers - One size fits *almost* all, larger, square head cover with 4 magnet closure.

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