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 1/16 Update: Production started a day early, some product was shipped out to us yesterday and I'm hoping to have it all finished by the time I visit our factory mid-next week. 

1/4/2020 Update: Any outstanding orders will be in production the week of 1/13 and ship ASAP after that. We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you everyone SO MUCH for your patience. This whole ordeal has been a nightmare scenario for us. 

12/18 Update: We have 40-ish covers arriving tomorrow 12/19, 30 Woods, 10+ mallets, all will be shipping out ASAP. 

Still awaiting word on product that may be shipping out on Monday (before Christmas)

12/12 Update: On Wednesday, we flew out to meet with our manufacturer to make it very clear that this delay is unacceptable and to also find a solution for all of our unfulfilled orders. 

As of this week, we are running a second shift to try to fulfill all orders by Christmas. We had eyes on product that was already packaged up to ship here, so I would expect for 50-75 covers to go out on Monday (12/16). The rest, will be coming ASAP, hopefully before Christmas, but I do not want to promise that right now. 

As always, I sincerely appreciate everyone's patience. The headcovers ARE coming; I would just rather not give out another date that I am not confident in. I am thinking about a few different ways to make up for this delay, if you have any suggestions, please shoot them on my way at

Of course if you would like a refund, while we would really hate to lose you, we will issue those immediately upon request.

Steve @ Cayce