FAQ: Custom Golf headcovers

While there is a wide range that depends on total quantity and design/material choices, a safe range would be anywhere from $25-$45 per piece.

Unfortunately, we do not offer sample custom headcovers. We do however, work with you to perfect your design and provide high definiton mock-ups and 3D images of your final design.

No. Our minimum order quantity is 48.

We do not share product die-lines and or artwork templates, however, we can send you rough estimates if you would like to design it yourself. We will happily make sure you're aware of any design limitiations.

We have been extremely busy processing custom orders and are getting back to folks in the order that their request came in. If you submitted a design asking us to use a copyrighted/trademarked logo we do not respond.

Cayce typically takes 3-4 weeks to get produced (then a week of shipping on top of that), but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it sooner! If you need something rushed, let us know and we will try and accommodate your order due date. 

A vector file is a mathematical formula that makes up points on a grid to create an image. Ok, now in human terms! It’s an art file that allows us to scale your logo to any size without distorting your logo or artwork. With jpeg imagery, your image will look wide or expanded when you stretch each side.

If you're searching a library of files, look for ones that end in .ai, .eps, .pdf

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