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SHIPPING DELAYS: Just a heads up on shipping, it's now 2021, and shipping is STILL a wild card, to say the least. While the USPS has been extremely sketchy, over 99% of the time they get the package to the final destination. What we've seen the most are extra early "Delivery Notifications" where a package will actually show up a few days after the alert and of course, the most popular one is a short delay in First Class Packages. Both the USPS and UPS stopped guaranteeing delivery times in 2020 (even for expedited/priority) and there is currently no 100% reliable way to ship in the USA.


I've placed an order but have not seen a shipping notification in days, where is my order?

Orders for in-stock items (anything not labeled "On-Demand" or Custom) typically ship the same day they are ordered. Cutoff for shipping is usually 4PM EST. So, orders placed at 4:01 on Friday afternoon will ship out the following Monday.

All "On Demand" headcovers ship in approximately 5-10 business days.


How can I get the discount code to work with Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, due to restraints in our system we are unable to process Apple Pay orders with discount codes--you will need to checkout manually to receive the discount.


How can I use multiple discount codes?

We do not allow multiple discount codes in one order, however, we will allow you to place multiple orders to use multiple codes if you want.


I'm not in love with my purchase and would like to return or exchange for another headcover, how can I start this process?

Follow the steps laid out on our Headcover Returns page. 


I submitted a Custom Headcover Design Form but have not heard back. Why?

We have been extremely busy processing custom orders and are getting back to folks in the order that their request came in. If you submitted a design asking us to use a copyrighted/trademarked logo we do not respond as we call out on our Custom Design page.  



We're here to help. If you have a question on your head cover order, a product, or even a design idea you don't see on our site but would like to, use this form below to get in touch with us or DM us on Twitter or Instagram


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