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I wanted to quickly update everyone on where we stood on all outstanding back-ordered and pre-ordered items. Yesterday morning we spoke with our manufacturer (something we're doing weekly now) to get an update on all pieces that were supposed to be shipped out by the 15th of this month.

The bottom line is we're in a holding pattern. Our manufacturer is behind on larger accounts than ours, so we keep getting pushed to the side. They have agreed to do their best to get a list of our top 10 items (which includes 95% of the headcovers involved in this delay) done before Black Friday.

As always, I sincerely appreciate everyone's patience. The headcovers ARE coming; I would just rather not give out another date that I am not confident in. I am thinking about a few different ways to make up for this delay, if you have any suggestions, please shoot them on my way at

Of course if you would like a refund, while we would really hate to lose you, we will issue those immediately upon request.

Steve @ Cayce