I grew up a rebellious kid in the 90s on the south shore of Massachusetts. even before I started playing, I had this strange obsession with golf. 

When I finally picked up the game, I was now a rebellious teenager who was watching the Tiger Woods mania begin. I can still remember buying my first comfortable, stretch-fit, mock-neck TW Nike polo and thinking that this was it. Golf was finally becoming cool. That next week I can remember being scolded by an older man in the pro shop claiming I was violating their dress code for a “lack of a complete collar.” That was not the last time, unfortunately. Maybe I was getting ahead of myself.

Then, as a freshman in high school playing our local municipal course (shout out to D.W. Fields in Brockton) playing an early morning round. A few groups had just gone off on the front and we were let off the back. Two holes later and my friend and I were being accosted by a group of older men a hole behind. They seemed to have more interest in us than in finishing their holes. After hitting their golf balls at us on our green, they approached the green and a shoving match ensued–police were called and harassment charges were filed. The old men thought we had “jumped the fence” to score a free round of golf and were set on teaching us a lesson.  

It wasn’t exactly warm and welcoming being a kid playing golf. But I loved the game. Two decades later and I’m at it again. Making golf accessories, shirts, hats–you name it, again, making older golf folks scream and shake their heads (now we have the added benefit of seeing their mean comments on Facebook too!). I love golf. I always have. But I love my version of the game. That’s fun, that’s loud, that’s comfortable. Cayce is how I see the game, how I want the game to be. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Founder of Cayce Golf