black, 900D barrel shaped driver headcover with 3D puff embroidery on each side saying "BOMBS." in white thread
golfer in black shirt holding out a Driver with a BOMBS 3D Puff Embroidered driver head cover
over the shoulder picture of a golfer holding a black driver head cover with 3D puff embroidered text "BOMBS." in white
close up image of the 3d puff embroidery on the Bombs driver head cover from Cayce Golf
BOMBS Golf Head Cover
special edition black out version of the black Bombs driver head cover from cayce golf with black 3d puff embroidery

BOMBS Golf Head Cover

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Color:Black / White

Bombs Golf Head Cover


NEW: Our limited edition BOMBS. Golf Head Cover is designed to make a statement on and off the course! Crafted with our DURA+ 900D material, a water-resistant finish, and a protective inner liner, this cover keeps your driver protected. Get noticed with the bold, 3D puff embroidery design! Play your best and hit BOMBS. High Swing Speeds Required 💨. Only 6 Blackout Edition driver covers were produced and they feature the same 3D Embroidery in a sleek black on black design. Check out all of our Best Selling Golf Head Covers.


Looking for that perfect fit? A head cover that is easy to slide on and off? This head cover slides on and off like butter, and thanks to the engineering of our hidden inner elastic liner it won't fall off unintentionally. That inner fur liner? It’s the thickest, softest one we’ve ever seen in a headcover keeping your clubs safe from hitting each other and free from dents and scratches.

The Driver head cover fits all 460cc heads, including the newest Taylormade Stealth, Titleist TSR2/3, Ping G430, Callaway Paradym, and Cobra Aerojet. The Fairway Wood Head Cover fits all known 3, 5, and 7 woods.


Our head cover construction and quality consistently impress—we will not tell you it will last forever (nothing does), but it will outlast that head cover that came with your club thanks to our DURA+ cover that is resistant to moisture, mildew, dirt, and UV rays. If it does get dirty over time, you can spot-clean our headcovers with warm water, a sponge, and some Fabuloso.

This unique headcover will make you or the golfer you are gifting it to the envy of their foursome. Others WILL go out of their way to compliment you. You have been warned. Add a touch of personality to your golf bag today! Please don't take our word for it, read thousands of Cayce head cover reviews.


Gifting this item? If so, we’d suggest ordering the “Driver” size option. This is a club that everyone carries in their bag and usually, the one golfers tend to spend the most on. Looking to gift more than one? Grab a Driver Headcover and a Fairway Wood Headcover size. Almost all golfers will have both the Driver and Fairway Wood clubs in their bag.