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The Top Two Golf Towels for 2022

Spring and summer are quickly approaching. You've got a new set of clubs, practiced swings and putts in your downtime and are ready to bring your top game this year. However, you're still missing one thing — some fresh golf towels.

Not just any rag will do. To keep yourself and your golf equipment in top condition, you need something modern, something with a little pizzazz. Cayce Golf answers that call with two new golf towels: the plush, absorbent caddy towel and the microfiber golf towel. Here's why every golfer should hit the links with both towels in tow.

The Cayce Caddy Towel

Waffle-textured towels are all the rage right now. However, they're not always absorbent. If you're on the course for hours, that can hurt your game. When you come armed with a Cayce caddy towel, you're swinging with a heavy-weight.


Our caddy towels are made with thick terrycloth,  the same material used to make spa-level towels and robes. Don't your clubs, tees and golf balls deserve some pampering?

Terrycloth isn't just luxurious. It's heavy, absorbent and durable. One side can hold water for scrubbing dirt off clubs while the other end stays dry for your hands and gloves. Don't let a little moisture make your game slip.


Size isn't everything, but when it comes to caddy towels, it is. Our super-sized caddy towels measure 22" x 44". When you or a caddy is scrubbing the grooves of a club face, that end's going to get very dirty very quickly. The other side, however, will stay fresh and dry so you can clean your hands or even polish your sunglasses.


Our caddy towels come in white, black, green and navy. Each one is decorated with understated yet elegant stripes. Due to the material, they hide dirt very well. After 100s of washes and uses, they stay true-to-color.

What Reviewers Are Saying

Out of 250 reviews on our site, we have plenty of fives and a few 4 out of 5 star reviews. One customer says, "If I could change one thing about it, [it] would be having the Cayce name or logo on it so I could rep the brand more." 

When your customers want to advertise for you, you've got to be doing something right. For clean clubs and towels that fit nicely with your outfit, look no further than Cayce.

The Cayce Microfiber Golf Towel

A new golfer that just invested in clubs and other equipment might be hesitant to buy dedicated golf towels. According to Today's Golfer, though, a golf towel improves putting stability, fine-tunes your attack angle and allows for easier follow-through. At Cayce, all of that went into designing our microfiber golf towels.


To complement our caddy towels, Cayce microfiber golf towels are made of a super-fine polyester/polyamide blend. A lot of standard golf towels are useless after a surprise spring shower or after falling into a water trap. Because ours are made of microfiber, they're absorbent but can be wrung out thoroughly. Whether it needs to be wet or dry, it's ready to go.

With a six-inch club slit in the center, our microfiber golf towels are always at-hand. Forget about the crumpled rag in the bottom of your golf bag. Fly the Cayce towel with pride.


At 40" x 22", the Cayce microfiber golf towel is almost double the size of the average golf towel. But why does that even matter?

While golf is a relaxing pastime for many, anything can happen. Rough course conditions, weather and accidents can leave your equipment muddy, slick and dirty. With a large golf towel, you have plenty of surface area to clean up whatever comes your way.


The Cayce microfiber golf towel was designed with golf lifestyle peacocks in mind. Our vibrant designs are meant to turn heads and start conversations. In our store, we have designs for everyone:

For more designs, check out our microfiber golf towel store. Trust us — you'll find something that'll make your buddies jealous.

What Reviewers Are Saying

While our customers love the quality, reviewers say they love the designs so much they're buying multiples. One says about the Transfusion golf towel, "I saw these towels and had to have them. I can't wait to give them as gifts to my golf buddies for Christmas. Great quality, love the vibrant colors."

Once again, our customers proudly market Cayce for us. To passionate golfers like us, that's more exciting than a hole-in-one.

Match Our Towels With a Whole Range of Golf Accessories

Are you the kind of person that matches your socks and underwear? Well, Cayce has some good news for you. Many of our golf towels share designs with our other products, including:

It doesn't end there, though. We offer fully customized golf head covers that can be emblazoned with anything you like. Simply submit your design, wait for our high-def preview and in two to three weeks, you'll have a head cover no one else does. How about that for flashy?

If you're a business owner or entrepreneur that lives and breathes your brand, we offer custom products at wholesale prices. When your crew hits the course, everyone will take notice.

Want to see what a golf product expert thinks about our custom process? Head over to MyGolfSpy to find out.

Pack Your Bags With Cayce

All of these factors combine to make Cayce a brand you'll see everywhere from PGA tours to the local course at the public park. We love our brand, but first and foremost, we love our customers. Not just because they keep the lights on (though that doesn't hurt), but because they're like us: committed, passionate and enthusiastic about golf.

Check out what's new with Cayce and find the best golf towels and other accessories that'll take your game to the next level.