We are paying tribute to the renowned golf course architect Charles Blair MacDonald by offering a limited edition set of golf head covers. The set includes three head covers, a Driver and two Fairway Woods, that feature intricate monochromatic stitching of three famous golf hole templates: Road, Redan, and Biarritz. Each head cover showcases a different iconic template, beautifully rendered with detailed embroidery in an earthy color palette. The outer nylon shell symbolizes the challenging, ever-changing weather conditions of the British Isles. This collection is limited to just 50 sets, ensuring that each piece is as unique as it is exquisite. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Steve Balchunas /// Founder of Cayce Golf

FESCUE /// Driver


The Road is perhaps the most recognizable template hole for golfers, even for those who don't play regularly. St. Andrews is the birthplace of this famous hole, which can be a par 4 or 5 and is defined by two key features. First, players must make a tee shot to a dogleg fairway that is guarded by a hazard or bunker (or even a hotel), which serves as a reminder not to cut the corner to much. Second, when approaching the green, precision is key as there is a pot bunker in front of a narrow but wide green, followed by a bunker behind it. This design replicates the notorious OB road at St. Andrews.

SAND /// Fairway Wood


One of the most well-known template holes in golf is the Redan, which is a par 3 that measures between 180 and 215 yards. The green slopes at a 45-degree angle from right to left, with a deep bunker on the left side for protection. It has a significant amount of slope that runs towards the bunker and from the front to the back of the green. A defining characteristic of a Redan is the shoulder on the right side of the green, which funnels balls towards the middle and back.

TAUPE /// Fairway Wood


Biarritz holes are a type of par 3 that tests a golfer's ability to make accurate long shots. They are usually longer, stretching between 210-240 yards, and have a large green area that can measure up to 80 yards in length. The green area is divided by a deep swale that is usually 3-5 feet deep. Biarritz holes are also bordered by narrow bunkers on both sides.


Your set of Limited Edition Template Head Covers will come packed in a custom TEMPLATES box and will be individually numbered 1 out of 50.